Fees & Shipping Rates

Shipping & Fees


?Commission & Shipping Fees

BimBuy Commission right now = 11%

Price per Km = $1/km +5.4%

?Shipping rates for small items

Our small item shipping rates are based on the calculated distance between the vendors location and the buyers location, however, when ordering from several vendors the calculation can be explained in the following examples:

Case 1

The distance between vendor A and buyer A = 1km

The distance between vendor B and buyer A = 4km

The distance between vendor C and buyer A = 10km

Therefore the total shipping charge is based on 15km


When ordering several small items from one vendor the buyer only pays one shipping charge for that vendor. Please see the example below:

?Case 2

buyer A orders 5 small items from vendor A + 1 small item from vendor B (6 items in total).

The distance between buyer A and vendor A = 1km

The distance between buyer A and vendor B = 1km

The total charge is based on 2km.

Shipping rates for large items
Shipping fees for  large items are always seperate and set at a constant value regardless of distance. Large item shipping fees are still calculated seperately even when small items are included in the same purchase. 
Credit Card Transaction Fees
Payments from BimBuy.com to Vendors are also subject Paypal trtansaction fees.