How To Use BimBuy

Let’s Get Started

Here is a list of useful tutorials on how to use BimBuy.com

1.      Create a BimBuy.com account from the 'Sign-Up' page.

2.      Visit the ‘How to Buy’ and ‘How to Sell’ pages to find out how to properly setup your account before making your next move.

3.      Visit the ‘Create a PayPal account’ page if you need to do so and the ‘Setup to Receive Money’ page if you are interested in selling on BimBuy.com. THERE IS A SPECIAL PROCESS TO COMPLETE BEFORE YOU CAN START SELLING. PLEASE SEE THE ‘SETUP TO RECEIVE MONEY’ PAGE BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO ADD PRODUCTS.

For Sellers

We urge you to review our ‘How to sell’, ‘Setup to Receive Money’, ‘Getting Paid’ and ‘Refund Policy’ pages before you attempt to add products.