How To Buy

How to Buy

Buying an item on Bimbuy might be the easiest thing you ever do in life. It is as easy as 123 and quicker than you can say ABC. Follow these few steps and soon you’ll be buying like a pro! All you need to do is update your shipping settings first.


Update Shipping Settings

Click on your username or profile picture->Account Settings->My Shipping Address. Then use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to zoom in and out of the Barbados Map. You can alternate between the ‘map’ and ‘satellite’ views using their respective buttons in the top left corner of the map to find your house/delivery location. Once you have found your building, drag and drop the red pin on it. You may also see a prompt from your browser pop up and If you happen to be in the delivery location at the time of updating these settings, you can click the allow button on the pop up that says something like “BimBuy.com would like to use your current location” (this will automatically detect your location on the map). Then fill in your address information and click save address.



 Let me show you how it is done:

  1. Search for the item you are looking for using the search bar, or alternatively you can browse through our categories, new arrivals or popular products sections.
  2. Click on the item name to open its page
  3. Select the size (if applicable) and enter the quantity of this item you wish to purchase.
  4. You will be redirected to your shopping cart page where you can edit your order if you like. You can continue shopping by simply clicking the continue shopping button and repeat steps 1-3 or you can proceed to check out. Click the checkout button and you will be required to log into paypal.
  5. Make the purchase on your paypal order page and that’s it! Your done!


You can expect your order in less than 3 days (usually items are delivered on the same day or the day after depending on the time your order was placed). Soon you will be contacted by an official BimBuy Courier to arrange a drop off time.